Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream Recipe

A lot of ice cream recipes out there require the use of an ice cream making machine, but I know that not everyone has one at their disposal, so I have brought you this ice cream recipe that does not require a machine. Not only is this one of the easiest, but it is also …

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Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie Recipe

I find it strange that I don’t enjoy fresh strawberries but love everything else that has strawberries in it. Because of this, I am always trying out recipes where I can enjoy my strawberries without eating them as they are. This is a recipe that I was given by a friend who is a professional …

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Sherry Trifle

Sherry Trifle Recipe

Here is another dessert that I absolutely love. I can actually have trifle on its own for lunch (don’t judge me hahaha). I usually assemble 2 versions, the Sherry one for the adults, and the alcohol-free version for the kids. Those who don’t take alcohol can simply skip the Sherry in this recipe.

Mini Meringues

Mini Meringues Recipe

If you have ever had meringues before, I don’t have to convince you how great they are. If you have never eaten them before, you are missing out and you really need to give them a try. Everyone who has eaten one of my meringues loved them. Go ahead and make them yourself and if …

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Easy Ice Cream

Ice Cream Recipe

Ice cream is hands down my favorite summer dessert. I know I could just buy it ready-made from the store but I always find it satisfying to make things from scratch. I guess it’s something about that sense of accomplishment. This is an easy ice cream recipe that literally takes 5 minutes to put together. …

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Frozen Yogurt (Froyo)

Frozen Yoghurt (Froyo) II Recipe

My kids love love love froyo! If it was up to them, they would eat it daily! I’m not exaggerating. I let them have it a few times a month and they mostly prepare it themselves. This is one of the recipes that they use. You can also try this froyo recipe.

Vanilla-Flavored Frozen Yogurt (Froyo)

Frozen Yoghurt (Froyo) Recipe

Summer is here and everyone is having frozen yogurt. If you don’t feel like buying one, you can make it at home using this recipe. This recipe uses vanilla but you can try different flavors too. Here is another recipe you can try.

Coconut Pudding

Coconut Pudding Recipe

Coconuts are one of those foods that can easily be incorporated into any meal. It’s pretty versatile and always tastes good. Today I bring you this delicious coconut pudding that is so simple to make. Those of you who love sweet things will definitely love this one.

Lemon Cottage Cheesecake

Lemon Cottage Cheese Cake Recipe

Whenever I make cheesecake, I like to make different flavors every time but this lemon cottage cheesecake turns out to be the most requested one in my household! This recipe uses cottage cheese in place of cream cheese. Unlike traditional cheesecake recipes, it is not prone to fail.