Fried Rice With Egg

Fried Rice With Egg Recipe

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This is a quick and simple meal that is easy on the budget. It’s perfect for college students who don’t have time to cook big meals or who want something cheap. Left-over rice can be easily used here.

Fried Rice With Egg

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 10 minutesCook time: 40 minutesTotal time: 50 minutesServings:4 servings



  1. Cook the rice in water and drain.
  2. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a wok or pan and pour in the egg mixture. Cook until firm.
  3. Place the omelet on a chopping board and chop it up coarsely.
  4. In a wok or pan, add the chopped omelet to the rice and stir-fry. Add the onion and serve.

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